APS Programs and Workshops

APS Workshop Fee Refund Policy
Our refund policy states that for workshops sponsored by APS, a refund of the fee deposit is available only within 48 hours of paying the fee.  However, if the fee is paid within the last two days before the workshop date, no refund is available.

2018 Program Speakers and Workshop Plans Member meetings on 2nd Saturday of odd-numbered months (subject to change)

January 2018 program – Group Paint-Around
March 2018 program – Diane Pike, “Seeing and Painting Beyond the Obvious”

2017 Program Speakers and Workshops

January 2017 program – Group Paint-Around
March 2017 program – Pam Winkler, “Painting Shiny Things”
May 2017 program – Cathyann Burgess, “Thinking Abstractly”
July 2017 program – Bev Kies, “Creating Art as a Colorist”
September 2017 program – Alec Hall, “Animals in Fine Art” “Creating Dynamic Realism with Pastels”
November 2017 program – Cathyann Burgess, “Open Shared Critique” “Still Life in Pastel”

2016 Program Speakers and Workshops

January 2016 program – “Swap, Shop and Save a Lot” Meet
March 2016 program – Ron Laboray; workshop – Deborah Kidwell
May 2016 program – Regina Burchett, “Organizing and Promoting your Artwork”
July 2016 program – Cathyann Burgess, “Pastel Painting, En Plein Aire”
September 2016 program – Addren Doss, “South Meets West”
November 2016 program – Artist’s Block Exercise led by Cathyann Burgess

2015 Program Speakers and Workshops

January 2015 program – “Swap, Shop and Save a Lot” Meet
March 2015 program – featuring Nancy Marshburn
May 9 2015 program – featuring Barbara Jaenicke
July 11 2015 program – featuring Nancy Nowak
September 12 2015 – program, Fleta Monaghan; workshop, Susan Sinyai
November 14 2015 – portrait – program and workshop by Suzy Hart

2014 Program Speakers and Workshop Announcements

January 2014 program – featuring Marsha Savage
March 2014 program – featuring James Smythe
May 2014 program – featuring Regina Burchett
July 2014 program – featuring Karlota I. Contreras-Koterbay
September 2014 program – featuring Susan Sinyai
November 2014 program – featuring Karen Margulis

2013 Program Speakers and Workshop Announcements

March 2013 program – featuring Walter Stanford
May 2013 program – featuring Kurt Weiser
July 2013 program – Paint-a-Round
September 2013 program – featuring Deborah Broad
November 2013 program – featuring Patricia Savage

2012 Program Speakers and Workshop Announcements

January 2012 program – Member Paint A Round

March 2012 program – PanPastels with M. Theresa Brown

May 12, 2012 program – Color Theory with Peggy Taylor

July 2012 program – Using Mediums with Pastel by Lorelle Bacon

September 2012 program – featuring Walter Stanford

November 2012 program – featuring Deborah Squier

2011 Program Speakers and Workshop Announcements

January 2011 Meeting – Canceled due to snow and driving conditions, rescheduled for February 2011, see link above

February 2011: Fleta Monaghan and The Jurying Process

March 2011 Speaker, Melanie Miller, and workshop on ‘Surfaces That Suffice and Delight’

May 2011 Speaker, David Osann on The Art of Framing

July 2011 speaker, Jean Blackmer on Selling Your Artwork Online

September 2011 speaker, Annie Cicale on Linear Perspective

November 2011 speaker, Karen Margulis PSA on Painting Wildflowers and Aerial Perspective

2010 Program Speakers and Workshop Announcements

November 2010: Suzi Hart – Portrait Painting